Analyzer Software

Get Your Data on the Web

From an entire website to single schedule widgets, we have you covered

Full Websites

If starting a new league or want to upgrade your current site, we have a fully customizable CMS solution. We host and you customize and it is fully integrated with all the data from our software.

Individual Widgets

Schedule, Standings, Tournament Brackets and Player widgets. Set up individually or group several on a single team or division page. Widgets are complete customizable and responsive on any device.

Custom Formatting

Completely customize the look and feel of your widgets to blend seamlessly with your website. Create or your own CSS files or use our built in tools.


Displaying your Schedules on the web is critical to getting the information to the right people. Our Widgets have completely customizable columns and content. Select to display team schedules along with practices, skills, etc. Teams play in multiple leagues, no problem, games for a team can be picked up from any League. Our widgets have formats that are device independent, just put our code on your site and it looks great on desktop and on your phone.

Full Websites

There is no question that your leagues are going to have websites and our solution gives you the option to use our full CMS solution to create and host your website(s) on our platform.

Our custom CMS will allow you to login and update any content, upload any content and ties in with all the data from our league software.

Since we are targeting large organizations, you can host as many websites as you wish all with a single login. Your sites can be hosted with SSL certificates so if you are embedding our payment forms, your customers can use with confidence.

Tournament Brackets

Once your season is over and it's playoff time, we have you covered. Automatically have your standings flow to brackets and then schedule your games having it as compressed as you want. With multiple formats, all you have to do is enter scores and our system will automatically advance teams through the brackets.

Tournaments can be created with round robin play followed by the knockout stages with finals and consolation finals. Not a big fan of the bracket view, like any of our widgets, the data can be displayed in our regular Schedule Widget.

Other Great Things

  • All widgets are responsive and look great on any device.
  • Player rosters, coach listing, player statistics are but a few to really enhance your site.
  • Our form builder allows you to embed any of the custom forms you create (player payments, sign up for skills, etc) on your website.
  • Custom formats and ability to link to any external CSS file gives you the flexibility to display data exactly like you want.
  • If you are entering full game details, then our Statistics widgets are great to display whatever statistics you wish.
  • Our widgets are super advanced in that if you put multiple widgets on one page they talk to each other so you can ensure that schedules, standings and players can be representative of the teams, division or league you are displaying.