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Fully Automated Scheduling

Schedules can be automatically or manually generated. With our automated scheduling, thousands of games can be generated in just a few minutes, matching teams to different locations, times, and dates. After generation, manage your ongoing schedule needs with the most advanced tools on the market.

Optimized Schedules

Our scheduling tools allow for optimized pairing of teams to locations, dates, and times. To create the perfect schedule for your league, different factors can be weighted as most important when generating schedules. We consider travel time during rush hour, travel distances, start times, and many others.

Balanced Schedules

To ensure a fair and balanced schedule, game start times, dates, and travel distances are evenly distributed among teams. When generating a schedule, our software aims to make each team's schedule as efficient as possible. Features like custom number of games allows you to offer teams a different number of games opening additional revenues streams you never considered.


  • Rush Hour consideration for travel times
  • Ability to manually edit the schedule while considering all constraints
  • Set maximum games or maximum weekday games per week 
  • Takes into consideration all existing games and practices.
  • Schedules can be completely automated or setup manually or any combination
  • Generate complete schedules then tweak by running optimizations, the parameters of which are completely controlled by the user

Creating Schedules

Team matchups, start times, dates, and arenas are automatically generated based on constraints. Manage existing schedules by running optimizations with parameters chosen by the user.

Set maximum games or maximum weekday games per week. The number of games to schedule can be customized by team.  

Schedule games between teams in the same division or generate games against teams in other divisions. Takes into consideration all existing games, skills and practices.

Schedule Scoring

There are a large number of parameters that are scored and managed in order for the software to find the best possible schedules. The software will calculate travel times between teams and playing locations and optimize the total travel time.

Teams can define home locations which provide constraints for home games.  Start times, playing dates, gaps between games are just some of the items that the software optimizes and that users can optimize to generate schedules that are to their liking. 

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