Analyzer Software

Manage your League like a Pro

Making the Management of your Leagues an enjoyable experience...really!

Best in Class Management

While our Scheduling is impressive, our suite of League Management tools might be even more so. When Covid was turning leagues upside down, never has the management of amateur leagues been put to a more stringent test.

Self Service

Save time and get the data just right by letting those that have responsibility with data, manage that data. Have teams enter their own calendar blackouts, instead of sending it via email.


All finances dealing with your league can be managed with an extensive accounting function. Generate invoices based on league, team, ice usage or many other factors. Bill Program, Team or Players. Take online payment attaching your bank details to the software.

Ease of Use

It is great to be able to generate the best schedules available in any software product, but without easy to use ongoing management functions, it creates a frustrating experience. 

Working with some of the largest amateur sports organizations, the league management process has been fined tuned to minimize the time users spend at the computer, leaving more time working with their customers.

Defining places to play

Games need to be scheduled at rinks, fields, diamonds... whatever playing surface your league competes on.  You will have a number of options to get those into the software including our online calendar or spreadsheet imports.  Regardless of the method, a number of parameters can be placed on each entry to ensure that they have optimal game assignments.

Games Generation

Schedule games between teams in the same division or generate games against teams in other divisions. The number of games to schedule can be customized by team. There are near unlimited possibilities as to how to generate the games that need to be scheduled.

Teams can also be linked to other teams so that personnel that need to participate with 2 or more teams do not have overlapping games. Some teams have travel issues, you can allow those teams to have doubleheaders scheduled while other teams do not.


The key to creating great schedules involves having the ability to manage a huge number of constraints and then create schedules with a minimal number of resources. A team can have any number of black out dates and times.  Constraints can be at the league, program, division, team or location level. Constraints can be input through our constraints calendar or imported via a spreadsheet. 

And More...

  • Customized Import and Export functions so you can add new data into the software and export it out again.
  • Full Finance Management so that you can bill, Programs, Teams and players based on their participation or usage in the league.
  • Reportwriter so that you can create your own reports with any of the data in the software. 
  • Custom form builder. Build your own forms and have the data entered flow seamlessly into the software.
  • Full Security model so you can define exactly who gets access and to exactly what pieces of data.
  • Self service functions so you customers/users can enter scores, cancel games, manage players, enter location availability and manage team constraints.
  • The list goes on...