Analyzer Software


Enhance your sports league management with our leading edge tools that optimize workflow for large organizations. Automated scheduling, player registration, facility management, billing/invoicing, game reporting and much more.

Custom Features that Accelerate League Growth.


There isn't a more powerful sports league management product on the market and our Automated Scheduling is at the forefront. Our scheduling tools allow for thousands of games to be scheduled in minutes while optimizing team travel, location usage, start times, and much more. There is never a need for manual scheduling again... every constraint can be entered and Schedules run to maximize the usage of all playing locations.

Scheduling sports leagues is more than matching games and playing locations. There are always days some teams can't play, coaches managing several teams and younger kids earlier bedtimes. Add thousands of constraints and get the perfect schedule.


Working with customers over the last 2 decades, it is clear that different organizations have different management needs. There is no one "out of the box" solution for everyone. Analyzer Software's team will work closely with you to customize features to meet your needs.

If our workflow is not how your league is managed, we'll customize it to make sure that it does. Are we missing a feature that is needed for your organization? No problem, we'll add that for you and depending on how it might benefit other customers, we rarely charge additional fees.

At your Beckon Call

Working with new software is always a challenge. Most customers are volunteers that don't have hours to figure out how to do routine tasks. We will provide constant access to our team via online chats so it is like a member of our staff is sitting right next to you. Chats are great to keep history, but some questions can be answered in a few seconds speaking to a live person. We do that!